Sensor Heads – Masked DJ’s

Electronic Music Duo

Sensor Heads (Electronic Music Duo) Masked DJ’s

Sensor Heads is an electronic music duo consisting of Charles (M.M. New York University) and Lawrence (Ph.D. at Princeton University), it is a masked group inspired by musicians such as Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and others.

Sensor Heads engages with popular culture and society by connecting with audiences in new and innovative contexts, innovative programs, and taking a daring leap into exploring the rich sonic possibilities of Electronic Dance Music. The shows and performances explore electronic dance music culture, as part of the project, we present research on the historical background and evolution of electronic dance music, house music and the underground scenes of techno music.

The project has demonstrated positive effect on local communities, as well as having an impact on the national and worldwide music culture. Electronic and electronic dance music has blossomed in recent years with incredible inventiveness and originality of musicians and is charged with the vigor and spirit of the modern age.